Advice & Aftercare

{ Now that you have your new nails, here's a few simple steps to keep them beautiful }



Use a spoon to open ring pull cans and tins and NOT your nails.


Always use gloves when cleaning, decorating or washing up. Oil based products and strong detergents can cause the gel to lift. 


Avoid acetone based nail polish removers as this will damage the surface of nails and may stain.


If you swim, make sure to wash your hands after, to remove any chlorine which may damage your nails.


Wear gloves while applying fake tan and wash your hands after using sunscreen. This is the same for tinted and SPF products, as well as hair colours which will cause staining, especially on pale colours and French Manicure.



If you are a keen gardener, make sure to wear gloves. This will prevent dirt going underneath your finger nails and will stop scratches on the nails themselves. This is especially important if you have had any gems or nail art.



Don't pick at cuticles or bite your nails as this can damage your natural nail plate, they are not indestructable .


Don't file unless absolutly necessary. File gently and in a downward direction.


Follow these steps to keep your nails looking gorgeous for longer.






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